Gift Basket for a Get Well Soon Gift

Do you have a close friend, coworker, or family member about to have surgery? How about putting together a gift basket for a get well soon gift.

Anti-Stress Recovery Basket

Surgery and the following recuperation are stressful. If you would like to give your favorite patient a relaxation basket fit for a Zen retreat, look for calming items, such as scented candles or incense. Lavender and jasmine are good for relieving stress, and clary sage releases endorphins in the brain to ease pain and fatigue.

Many teas are known for their anti-stress qualities, too. Chamomile has long been known for its relaxing nature, and passionflower contains healing and anti-stress qualities.

Relaxing CDs can work as a guided meditation to relax and renew. You can choose from the sounds of nature, such as ocean waves or songbirds, or perhaps soft piano or guitar instrumentals.

Soothing bath salts soak away stress as well, if the patient has the physician’s ok to bathe.

Serious Surgery Recovery Basket

For those who have had a more serious surgery, mobility can be an issue once they get home. Many products are designed to help with ordinary daily tasks, such as bathing or dressing, that seem almost impossible following surgery.

“Reachers” are tools that allow the patient to do just that – reach and pick up things that are on the floor or other hard to reach places.

Sock aids and shoehorns assist in getting socks and shoes on and off when the person cannot bend or when mobility is an issue.

Dressing sticks and button hooks assist with getting shirts and jackets on and off.

A bath chair, hand-held nozzle, and non-skid mat for the tub make bathing safer and easier.

Use your imagination when putting together a gift basket for a get well soon gift, or find one of the many online that best fit your favorite patient.